Over 60’s holidays: 8 international travel destinations

By Darren Moffatt

March 6


Whether you’re solo, with a partner, or in a group, the world is your oyster, and it’s never too late to explore it. After all, travel knows no age, and the experiences you’ll gain are timeless. Let’s discover together how travel in your 60s and beyond can be more than just a getaway. 

The destinations we’ve chosen are thoughtfully selected with three key factors in mind: affordability, senior-friendliness, and the promise of adventure. 

Each location offers a unique blend of experiences, ensuring that your travel is not only cost-effective but also tailored to the preferences and comfort of senior travellers, all while offering exciting opportunities for exploration and enjoyment.

1. Kyoto, Japan: Tradition and Tranquility

Visit Kyoto, where tradition meets tranquillity, perfect for seniors seeking a peaceful yet enriching holiday. Explore ancient temples, stroll through exquisite gardens, and immerse yourself in the city’s timeless cultural offerings, all curated to cater to your sense of adventure and relaxation.

2. Singapore City, Singapore: Vibrant City Life 

Dive into Singapore’s vibrant city life, where accessibility, stunning gardens, and cultural diversity come together to create an ideal holiday spot for seniors. Experience the ease of exploring world-class attractions, revel in the beauty of the Gardens by the Bay, and soak up the rich tapestry of cultures in a city that’s as welcoming as it is exciting, all tailored for Australian seniors eager for their next travel adventure.

3. Barcelona, Spain: Splendour and Comfort 

Discover the vibrant world of Barcelona, where architectural wonders and leisurely explorations await. Marvel at Gaudí’s creations, enjoy relaxed city tours, and unwind on senior-friendly beaches. Barcelona is a city that caters to your pace and interests, promising a holiday filled with beauty and ease, perfect for Australian seniors ready to embrace new experiences.

4. Bali, Indonesia: Serene Beauty 

Immerse into the beauty of Bali, an idyllic paradise where tranquil beaches, enriching cultural tours, and rejuvenating wellness retreats converge to offer the perfect retreat for seniors. Indulge in the island’s peaceful ambiance, engage with its rich heritage, and enjoy a holistic holiday experience that caters to relaxation and well-being, all designed with Australian seniors in mind for a truly memorable getaway.

5. Dublin, Ireland: A Senior’s Travel Delight 

Try Dublin, where historical sites beckon, literary tours inspire, and welcoming pubs offer a taste of Irish hospitality. Perfect for seniors, Dublin’s cultural tapestry invites you to explore its storied streets, connect with literary legends, and relax in cosy pubs, all set against a backdrop that cherishes its past while welcoming visitors of all ages, making it an ideal destination for Australian seniors eager for cultural enrichment and leisure.

6. The Caribbean: Never Too Old for Island Hopping


Set sail on a Caribbean adventure tailored for seniors, where cruise options offer comfort and convenience, pristine beaches promise relaxation, and vibrant cultural experiences await. Discover the joy of island hopping at a pace that suits you, revel in the sun-soaked tranquillity, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of island cultures, all while enjoying amenities and activities designed to make your Caribbean journey memorable and fulfilling for the mature traveller.

7. Crete, Greece: Ancient Adventure

Step into the heart of Crete, where ancient wonders, breathtaking landscapes, and senior-friendly activities blend to offer a unique travel experience. Explore the island’s rich archaeological heritage, marvel at its natural beauty, and engage in activities that celebrate the leisurely pace and warmth of Cretan culture. Perfect for Australian seniors seeking a mix of adventure and relaxation, Crete invites you to discover its enduring allure at your own pace, making each moment a cherished memory.

8. Cape Town, South Africa: Harmony of Nature 

For seniors, Cape Town is a perfect blend of relaxed beach days, stunning sunsets, and cultural richness. Enjoy leisurely visits to wildlife reserves, experience the local culture, and savour the cost-effective lifestyle this city offers. Your journey to Cape Town promises a collection of accessible, enjoyable experiences, making every moment special for those in their golden years.

Fund Your Dream Holiday with a Reverse Mortgage 

A Reverse Mortgage loan offers a unique financial solution for seniors looking to fund their dream holiday overseas without impacting their daily cash flow. This type of loan allows senior homeowners to access the equity in their home, converting it into cash which can be used for any purpose, including travel.

Here’s how a Reverse Mortgage can help fund those travel dreams:

  • Access to Equity: Seniors can tap into the equity they’ve built up in their home over the years, providing them with a lump sum, regular payments, or a line of credit. This funding can be used to cover travel expenses, from flights and accommodations to tours and leisure activities.
  • No Immediate Repayments: One of the key benefits of a Reverse Mortgage is that there are no immediate monthly repayments required. The loan is typically repaid when the homeowner sells the house, moves out, or passes away. This feature allows seniors to enjoy their travels without worrying about loan repayments impacting their trip.
  • Maintaining Ownership: Borrowers continue to own their home and can live in it while using the loan to fund their travel. This aspect provides peace of mind, knowing their residence is secure upon their return.
  • Customised Travel Experience: With the financial boost from a Reverse Mortgage, seniors can tailor their travel experiences to their preferences, ensuring a comfortable and fulfilling journey without compromising on the quality of their accommodations, destinations, or activities.

Before opting for a Reverse Mortgage, it’s crucial for seniors to seek advice from financial advisors to understand the terms, conditions, and long-term implications of the loan. It’s also important to consider the impact on their estate and potential inheritance for heirs. 

With the right planning and advice, a Reverse Mortgage can be a powerful tool to make those dream holidays a reality, offering a world of travel opportunities during retirement.

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