Reverse Mortgage calculator

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Reverse Mortgage calculator Australia

When considering a loan for pensioners or retirees, information is crucial. A Reverse Mortgage calculator can be a good way for you to see the possible effect of a Reverse Mortgage over a short, medium and long-term period.

Although no one can ever predict what your remaining equity balance will be in the future, a Reverse Mortgage calculator is an effective tool for modelling what may be a likely outcome.

The amount of Reverse Mortgage loan depends on a number of key variables such as:

  • the amount borrowed
  • the value of the property at the outset
  • the rate of capital growth on the property
  • the prevailing interest rate
  • the age of the borrowers
  • time (or the overall loan term)

A Reverse Mortgage calculation will typically illustrate – at any given time during the loan term:

  • the amount you will owe to the lender
  • the future value of your home
  • your future home equity

Please feel free to use the Seniors First online Reverse Mortgage Calculator to obtain your very own Reverse Mortgage calculation.

NOTE:  The Reverse Mortgage Calculator found on this page is an effective free resource for Australian seniors who want a fast estimate of possible future interest cost and its projected effect on remaining home equity. We recommend you refer to the Reverse Mortgage Interest Rates page for accurate information on current rates to help guide your input of relevant data into the Reverse Mortgage calculator.   

(For clarity, this Reverse Mortgage calculator is not the calculator our team use for compliance purposes. The Seniors First team use the ASIC Moneysmart Reverse Mortgage Calculator to conduct home equity projections for every customer who proceeds to application stage).