Reverse Mortgage Case Studies

Real examples of how we're helping over 55's to start living again.

See how other people are using Reverse Mortgages

If you're thinking about a Reverse Mortgage but maybe you're not quite ready yet, these true-life case studies might help.

Our team of brokers have shared real customer examples across a range of Revese Mortgage scenarios, such as funding for Cost of Living, Debt Consolidation, and Retirement Cashflow.

Although the case studies are unique, each has been selected to illustrate stories we commonly encounter.

*To protect the privacy of our customers, names have been changed & different photos used. Otherwise, the details in each case study are 100% genuine.

Cost of living / daily expenses

Stephen & Rob

  • Location: South coast of NSW
  • Income: Age Pension
  • Property Value: $1,000,000

Stephen & Rob, Early 70's


Stephen and Rob, a couple from the scenic south coast of NSW, are in the unique phase of life that the early 70's bring.

As recipients of the Age Pension, they have been cautiously navigating their financial journey.

Over time, the financial buffer they had painstakingly built started diminishing, and they soon found themselves without that crucial safety net. This began to pose challenges not only for larger unexpected expenses but also for routine day-to-day living.

Borrowers' Concern

The strain of financial uncertainties, coupled with the regular challenges of age, was palpable.

Their inability to address more considerable expenses, like home renovations, or even to comfortably manage daily expenses, made their financial landscape increasingly daunting.

The couple's primary challenge lay in restructuring their finances in a manner that could sustain them comfortably over the long term.

Reverse Mortgage Loan Purpose & Structure

Established Reverse Mortgage: $200,000

Stephen and Rob took a strategic step to alleviate their financial strain. They secured a $200,000 Reverse Mortgage against their $1,000,000 home. This decision was not just about immediate relief; it was a comprehensive plan to ensure their financial well-being for years to come.

Day 1 Requirements: $25,000

With an immediate requirement of $25,000, Stephen and Rob set out to renovate their 20-year-old kitchen, transforming it to suit their contemporary needs.

Monthly Income Supplement: $500

To ease the day-to-day financial strain, they chose to receive a monthly supplement of $500 over a span of 10 years. This regular inflow served as a welcome augmentation to their Age Pension, allowing them more breathing room in their budget

Cash Reserve: $115,000

Thinking ahead, Stephen and Rob earmarked $115,000 as a cash reserve. This fund acts as their safety net for the next 15-20 years, ensuring they have resources at hand for any larger or unforeseen expenses that may arise.
(Interest is only charged on any funds used, as they are drawn)


Securing a Reverse Mortgage brought Stephen and Rob much-needed financial relief and a renewed sense of confidence. Their revitalised kitchen enhanced their home's livability, the monthly supplements provided consistency in their finances, and the substantial cash reserve ensured long-term security. The couple can now focus on enjoying their retirement, knowing they've taken steps to ensure financial stability for the foreseeable future.

Debt consolidation / refinance


  • Income: Disability Pension
  • Marital status: Divorced
  • Property Value: $1,300,000
  • Home Loan debt: $125,000
  • Consumer Debt: $10,000 (Credit Card, Zip Pay, Afterpay)

Heidi, 64 years old


Like so many other women of her age, a divorce had left Heidi somewhat financially vulnerable. She had approached her current mortgage lender to let them know that she could no longer afford repayments.

They agreed to pause her loan repayments for a period of 3 months, to give her time to organise a refinance.

Borrowers’ Concern

Heidi knew she could not afford to resume repayments and would be forced to sell the home in order to pay out the home loan if she could not organise a solution.

She did not want to sell and relocate due to downsizing costs. She was also happy and settled in her community and did not want to leave. She was also worried that her disability pension would not cover all her lifestyle costs, going forward. 

Loan Purpose & Structure

Total Reverse Mortgage loan facility of $247,000, comprising:

  • a lump sum of $141,000 to refinance all home loan and consumer debts
  • an additional ‘cash reserve’ of $106,000 (available, but undrawn funds) for future use


Heidi was able to stay in her cherished home for the long term. Seniors First refinanced her home loan and consumer debts, alleviating the financial pressure of monthly repayments. With the cash reserve she was able to supplement her income for the next 8-10 years, and fund other projects she wanted to do such as minor home renovations, a new car, and dental work.

The Reverse Mortgage loan solved her immediate financial problems, but also improved her quality of life by reducing the stress and worry she was experiencing .


  • Income: Age Pension
  • Marital status: Recently widowed
  • Property Value: $1,100,000
  • Home Loan debt: $300,000
  • Consumer Debts: Car Loan ($26,000), Credit Card ($7,000) and Rates in Arrears ($500)

Joan, 73 years old


Joan, together with her late husband, were once at the helm of a thriving restaurant. The abrupt disruptions caused by COVID-19, however, shattered their business dreams. The grief was compounded when, a year after her husband's passing, Joan discovered a debt of $80,000 to their suppliers, which prompted a caveat on their property.

Borrower's Concern

Now solely reliant on her Age Pension, Joan faced financial encumbrances that seemed insurmountable. Seeking solutions, she approached her lender and, in a gesture of understanding, was granted a 1-year reprieve on her repayments. But parting with her home, a sanctuary of memories, was inconceivable to Joan. She was resolute in her decision to retain it for at least another 3-5 years.

Reverse Mortgage Loan Purpose & Structure

Day 1 Requirements: $355,000

  • Determined to regain her financial stability, Joan's goal was to refinance her home loan, car loan, and credit card, while also ensuring all outstanding dues were cleared.
  • Although her credit card was refinanced, she kept the facility active for unforeseen needs.
  • A segment of the loan was earmarked for home improvements, allowing her to invigorate her dwelling with a new coat of paint and other minor enhancements.

Cash Reserve: $0

  • Prioritising immediate financial alleviation, Joan chose to draw all her funds upfront.


Post-refinancing, Joan experienced profound relief. With her financial concerns adeptly managed, she found her Age Pension adequately covered her daily living costs. Beyond the tangible benefits, this fiscal transition granted Joan immense emotional solace. She now looked ahead with fewer financial concerns, taking comfort in the walls of her cherished home.


  • Income: Part Age Pension & Part-Time Job
  • Marital status: Divorced
  • Property Value: $1,500,000
  • Home Loan debt: $290,000 (Westpac)

Vince, 68 years old


Vince had been navigating a dual income source, drawing from both his Age Pension and earnings from a part-time job. This income balance was already delicate, with a significant portion of his pension funnelled into servicing his existing mortgage. When interest rates climbed, the financial strain intensified, rendering his mortgage repayments unaffordable. Vince, unfortunately, fell a few months behind, and the bank began sending ominous foreclosure warnings.

Borrower's Concern

Despite these financial adversities, Vince remained deeply attached to his home. It represented more than just bricks and mortar; it was his sanctuary, filled with memories and personal history. The looming threat of losing it added emotional weight to his already challenging financial circumstances.

Reverse Mortgage Loan Purpose & Structure

Day 1 Requirements: $290,000

  • Vince chose to refinance his home loan.
  • His goal: prevent foreclosure and establish a sustainable financial structure.

Cash Reserve: $35,000

  • Vince set up an additional line of credit.
  • Purpose: a cushion for unexpected expenses and future needs, providing a financial safety net.


With the successful refinance, Vince averted the bank's foreclosure and streamlined his finances through debt consolidation. By making steady repayments, he curbed the compounding interest. This financial restructuring allowed Vince to work by choice, not out of necessity. The refinance not only solidified his financial position but also granted him autonomy to live on his terms.

Bob & Sandra

  • Income: Joint Age Pension
  • Marital status: Married
  • Property Value: $900,000
  • Home Loan debt: $85,000

Bob & Sandra, 69 and 72 years old


Bob and Sandra, a resilient couple in their golden years, had relied on their joint Age Pension for sustenance. Just a year prior, they had confidently managed their finances, servicing their debt through their pension and occasionally dipping into their savings.

Borrowers’ Concern

The changing financial climates introduced unforeseen challenges. The combination of rising interest rates and an escalating cost of living began to eat away at their savings at an alarming rate. What was once a financial cushion started to feel like a fast-depleting resource.

Reverse Mortgage Loan Purpose & Structure

Day 1 Requirements: $110,000

  • The couple aimed to refinance their home loan.
  • They also wanted to replace their 15-year-old car for dependable transportation.

Cash Reserve: $90,000

  • Bob and Sandra set up an extra line of credit.
  • Purpose: supplement their Age Pension and provide a continuous income source for the coming years.


Thanks to the refinancing, Bob and Sandra found themselves on steadier financial ground. The refinance not only addressed their immediate financial concerns but also set them up with a sustainable plan for the foreseeable future. With a newer car, their mobility was ensured, and the supplementary line of credit acted as a much-needed safety net against any potential financial shortfalls. The strategic financial restructuring granted the couple peace of mind, allowing them to enjoy their retirement years with reduced financial anxieties.

Retirement cash flow

Allan & Nancy

  • Location: Regional Victoria
  • Property Value: $1.5 million (debt free)
  • Financial Status: High net worth, Self-funded retirees

Allan & Nancy, Late 60's


Allan and Nancy, hailing from regional Victoria, epitomise the success story of self-made individuals.

This high net worth couple, comfortably settled in their late 60's, own an unencumbered property worth $1,500,000.

Not reliant on the Aged Pension due to their astute financial management, they've always enjoyed a certain independence in their financial decisions.

Borrowers’ Concern

With the horizon of retirement drawing closer, Allan and Nancy were contemplating the next phase of their lives.

They envisioned a future where they could scale down their business commitments, gradually transitioning to semi-retirement over the ensuing 5-10 years.

However, they faced a dilemma: how could they maintain their desired lifestyle without eating into their hard-earned superannuation?

Reverse Mortgage Loan Purpose & Structure

Reverse Mortgage Amount: $322,000


  • Safeguard their superannuation savings.
  • Uphold financial self-sufficiency.

Borrowing Details:

  • Loan Amount: $322,000
  • Payout Structure: Monthly advance of $5,000 for five years.
  • Annual Benefit: $60,000 (tax-free).

Strategic Move:

  • Adopted Reverse Mortgage as a financial tool.

Future Planning:

  • After five years, they will revisit and assess their financial stance.
  • Objective: To continually align with evolving financial needs and make necessary adjustments.


With this structured Reverse Mortgage in place, Allan and Nancy have crafted a stress-free path to their semi-retirement. They can now ease out of their business commitments without financial anxieties, confident in the knowledge that they're drawing upon a well-thought-out income supplement (rather than depleting their superannuation prematurely). 

Ian & Phyllis

  • Location: Metropolitan Melbourne
  • Property Value: $750,000
  • Retirement Status: Age Pensioners

Ian & Phyllis, Late 70's


Ian and Phyllis, a couple rooted in metropolitan Melbourne, have seen the ebb and flow of life from their late 70's vantage point.

Their property, valued at $750,000, had an existing Reverse Mortgage (with another lender) amounting to $70,000.

The full couple's Aged Pension was their sole income source, helping them manage their day-to-day expenses. But as time rolled on, the rising cost of living became a growing challenge.

Borrowers’ Concern

Though they were "managing" in the present, Ian and Phyllis found themselves increasingly uneasy about their financial stability, especially given the escalating cost of living.

They had already downsized once, with a clear intention to stay in their current home for the foreseeable future. But the interest charged on their existing Reverse Mortgage loan was, in their view, excessively high.

They needed a solution that would offer them both relief from this financial strain and a buffer against future uncertainties.

Reverse Mortgage Loan Purpose & Structure

Reverse Mortgage Loan Amount: $250,000

Existing Debt Clearance:

  • Allocated $70,000 from the new mortgage to refinance their old Reverse Mortgage.
  • Objective: Escape its higher interest rates.

Interest Benefit:

  • Highlight: No interest accrues on the untouched $180,000, providing additional financial ease.

Financial Safety Net:

  • Established a cash reserve with a $180,000 limit (interest only gets charged on funds drawn, as they use it - not on the available limit).
  • Purpose: To have a readily available financial backup for unforeseen expenses.


By making a strategic shift in their financial arrangements, Ian and Phyllis secured a brighter, more stable future for themselves. With the unnecessary weight of a higher-interest Reverse Mortgage off their shoulders, and a substantial cash reserve at their disposal, they found themselves better equipped to navigate the challenges of rising living costs. Their proactive decision not only ensured their continued stay in their beloved home but also gave them peace of mind, knowing they had a buffer against any unforeseen expenses.

Nick & Maria

  • Location: Metropolitan Melbourne
  • Property Value: $1.5M
  • Retirement Status: Part Pensioners

Nick & Maria, 74 years old


Nick and Maria, proud homeowners in metropolitan Melbourne, have experienced life's highs and lows together.

Despite owning a property worth a hefty $1.5 million, they had an outstanding home loan of $60,000 with a bank.

Relying on the couple's Aged Pension to fund their daily needs, they found themselves at a crossroads, struggling to uphold the lifestyle they once cherished.

Borrowers’ Concern

For Nick and Maria, the aspiration was clear: they wished to stay in their family home for the long haul.

However, the financial strain of their existing home loan and the aspiration for certain amenities, like a new motor vehicle, loomed large.

They felt the pinch of their limited pension income and yearned for a financial solution that could help them close out the home loan and afford some lifestyle upgrades.

Reverse Mortgage Loan Purpose & Structure

Reverse Mortgage Loan Amount: $150,000

Lump Sum Usage:

  • Refinanced the outstanding $60,000K bank home loan.
  • Purchased a new motor vehicle for $30,000.

Cash Reserve:

  • $30,000 kept aside for unexpected expenses.
  • Advantage: No interest on this undrawn amount.

Monthly Financial Support:

  • Arranged a tax-free advance of $500 per month.
  • This monthly boost is set for the next five years to supplement their pension.


With this financial move, Nick and Maria rejuvenated their lifestyle. Free from the shackles of their previous home loan and enjoying the comfort of a new vehicle, they found renewed joy in their daily life. The regular monthly advance further alleviated their financial worries. Now, with a substantial cash reserve ready for any rainy day, they can look forward to a relaxed and secure future in their cherished family home.