Five Awesome Work From Home Opportunities for Australian Seniors

By Darren Moffatt

January 18, 2023


Australian seniors are now rejoining the workplace in droves with around 40% of new workers since the start of the pandemic over 55 years old. 

The national workforce increased by about 491,000 in three years according to the Labour Force Survey published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in November last year. 

The report includes the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and the seismic shifts in the job marketplace it caused. 

Sydney welcomed more senior workers with a record 78.1% in October 2022. 

The prospect of working has undergone major changes in recent years with the availability of flexible work options and work from home arrangements. 

Retirees might have seen this trend as a primary motivation to resume working as reflected in the ABS report. 

If you are also thinking about returning to work but you want to do it at the comforts of your home, here are some top options for you: 

Top Career Opportunities for Australian Retirees 

1. Freelance Writer

Freelance writing allows you to work on your own schedule, which can be particularly beneficial if you have other responsibilities or commitments, such as caring for grandchildren or traveling.

You can choose to write on a wide range of topics, which can help to keep the work interesting and engaging.

Retirees who have spent years in the workforce often have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they can use in their freelance writing, writing on subjects they are expert on.

Writing can be a very mentally stimulating activity and can help you stay sharp and engaged.

Aside from traditional magazines and newspapers, you can also apply through online platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork. 


2. Tax Accountant or Bookkeeper

Retirees who have years of experience working in finance, accounting or business administration often find that their skills are still in demand and can transfer well to bookkeeping work

Bookkeeping can be a mentally stimulating activity, particularly for those who enjoy working with numbers and data.

Bookkeeping is often a solitary activity, which can appeal to retirees who are self-motivated and disciplined, and enjoy working independently.

However, this career also includes working with different types of businesses and industries, which can help to keep the work interesting and varied.

Just make sure that you maintain your licence to continue working as a tax accountant or bookkeeper. 

3. Online Teacher 

Working as an online teacher is relatively low cost, and you can start with just a computer, internet connection, and basic teaching software.

Online teaching opportunities are available in a wide range of subjects and can be tailored to your interests and expertise. 

This is an advantage to you because the wealth of knowledge and experience you have accumulated can be helpful particularly in specialised fields. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to interact with students of all ages and from all over the world, which can be a great way to keep retirees socially engaged.

There are many options for elderly online teachers. You may join digital teaching platforms like Moodle or create your own online courses. 

Alternatively, you can also teach English to foreign students online. 


4. Business Consultant 

Your experience is a huge advantage that can make you competitive in this retirement career. 

With your wealth of knowledge in your field, you can be valuable to businesses looking for advice and guidance. 

Many retirees have a lifetime of experience to draw upon, and can be a great mentor and advisor to younger people in the business world.


5. Baker 

If you enjoy baking, you can turn this hobby into a small business, by selling baked goods to friends, family, or local retailers.

Baking can be done with friends or family members, providing an opportunity for socialisation and bonding.

Plus, this career can allow you to express their creativity through the creation of delicious and visually appealing desserts and breads.


Look out for ‘Too Good To Be True’ Work Offers 

Many of the work opportunities available for seniors can provide a sense of continued purpose and goal, in addition to an opportunity to stay active professionally.

But unfortunately, some online career prospects are too good to be true so you need to be on high alert while searching for your work during retirement. 

Here are several things that can help you avoid work from home fraud: 


  • Be wary of unsolicited phone calls, emails, or text messages. Scammers often try to contact people out of the blue, pretending to be from a legitimate company or organisation offering online jobs. If you receive an unsolicited phone call or message, don’t provide any personal information.
  • Do not click on links or download attachments from unknown sources: Scammers often use links and attachments to infect computers with malware or steal personal information.
  • Do not respond to requests for personal information via email or phone: Legitimate companies or organisations will never ask for sensitive personal information such as your social security number, credit card number, or bank account information via email or phone.
  • Keep your computer and mobile device software up-to-date: Outdated software can be vulnerable to hacking and malware.
  • Use a reputable and updated antivirus software to protect your computer
  • Be careful of impostor scams: Scammers often pretend to be someone you know and trust, such as a grandchild, a government official, or a bank employee. Be extra cautious if someone contacts you claiming to be someone you know and asking for money or personal information.
  • Educate yourself and share information: Learn about common online scams and share that knowledge with friends, family members, and other elderly individuals in your community. Stay informed about current scam tactics and ways to avoid them.
  • Consider using a senior-specific scam-protection service or programs that monitor transactions and alerts you when suspicious activity occurs.
  • Reach out for help if you think you have been scammed: contact your bank, credit card company and the police.


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