SEQUAL sees a better retirement with Reverse Mortgage

By Darren Moffatt

March 17, 2015


Senior Couple

“Today we are announcing a new mission statement that is really all about the consumer,” SEQUAL chairman Mr John Thomas said in a media release following the launch of SEQUAL’s new website. SEQUAL’s new mission statement promises a dignified and secure retirement for all Australian home owners.

The Senior Australian Equity Release Association (SEQUAL) has recently made major changes to encourage more Australians to consider equity release as their primary option to supplement their retirement income. According to Mr Thomas, one of SEQUAL’s goals is to “advocate a dignified and secure retirement for all Australian home owners.” He added that having equity release as their option should mean that they no longer need to experience financial hardship in their retirement or lose their home in the process.

The recent changes have sparked interest in many Australians. Now, more people are looking into equity release and gathering more information about their options. Since the launch of the website a month ago, SEQUAL said they already experienced substantial growth in terms of people visiting the site and running to SEQUAL for more information.

To serve the needs of Australian seniors better, SEQUAL has come up with a new mission statement:

  • Advocate a dignified and secure retirement for all Australian home owners
  • Promote an understanding of senior’s equity release to consumers and other stakeholders
  • Ensure members adhere to SEQUAl’s “Consumer Protection Principles” to foster consumer confidence

Providers who wear the SEQUAL badge offer consumers guarantee of security and certainty with their products. All equity release customers of SEQUAL members are guaranteed to stay at their house for as long as they live, without any threat of losing their home any sooner. Regardless of what happens to interest rate or market prices, your house is secured with any SEQUAL member. This is because of the No Negative Equity Guarantee, which is a prerequisite to SEQUAL membership. This means you cannot owe more than what your house is worth.

In the days to come, SEQUAL is expected to further increase awareness and educate people about equity release. They are standing firm in their goal to give every Australian home owner a dignified and secure retirement.

For more information about SEQUAL and its members, please visit

Regards, Darren

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