Our first responsibility is, and always will be, to our customers; Australian seniors deserve an informed, independently-owned voice they can trust when seeking financial solutions in, or approaching, retirement.

We will advance the interests of these men and women above all else, even if it sometimes means we caution them against proceeding with any transaction at all.

Responsible Reverse Mortgages for Seniors in Australia

We believe that by serving them in this way, we in turn also serve the best interests of our other key stakeholders. Our customer focus creates a rewarding and meaningful workplace for staff; our responsible lending practices reflect well on our product providers and suppliers; and our reputation for value and integrity rewards our lender partners with continued growth.

We respect our customers and care about their welfare. Whenever reverse mortgage presents as the solution, we recommend borrowers obtain independent legal advice, and we use SEQUAL accredited lenders. In this way, we can ensure the highest level of consumer protection, and peace of mind for our customers and stakeholders.

We also seek to educate and inform the beneficiaries of our borrowers wherever possible. We strongly encourage customers to involve their family in any transaction that may affect their estate, and we offer these parties a transparent illustration of the proposed facility and its effect on equity.

Finally, we are easy to do business with. We are mobile, we listen and we work as a team.

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